60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $175

Ah mediation! We can all use some.


KIM"aSpecial Interest Workshops


Your Best Year Yet

The Art of Joyful Living

Breaking through the fear barrier


Trainers Workshops

Tips On Presenting your healing Energy Talks • 90 MINUTES $175

Once you have completed all three levels of the Foundations for Healing courses and are fully certified you can get started on building your own practice. Getting started can be tough at first, so we offer this workshop to provide some tips on how best to present yourself and how to make an inclusive and warm space for introducing healing workshops.

Creating marketing programs

Another aspect of getting your own training off the ground is starting with your own personalized marketing programs. This workshop offers several tried and true methods on how to market to others. We provide action plans, tips, and help get your mind active for the way you would like to present your healing capabilities.

Distance Healing

60 MINUTES $140 • 90 MINUTES $180

Live out state? Or live in another country and can not travel to see us? No worries! We offer Distant Healing as an alternative avenue for those in real need.  


Private Healing Sessions

60 MINUTES $125

In such high demand, we brought back our private healing sessions! Our private sessions offer one-on-one healing with our master trainers, Roger Ford or Kim Vincent. These sessions are for those people who need the safety and comfort of privacy in order to delve deep into their mind, body, and spirit.  These sessions are particularly helpful for who have experienced extreme trauma or are suffering from deep emotional wounds and need the added support that individualized attention can give. 




For Scheduling 

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