Meet Kim Vincent

Change Facilitator, Trainer and Healer

Co-Founder and CEO of Healing in America

Co-Founder and CEO of Healing in America

Living a life defined by passionate self-expression and authentic joy is something Kim Vincent not only trains others to do, but fully embodies her.  Kim has proven change does not need to be slow, difficult and painful. Rather, changes happen by a process that Kim has developed through years of working with thousands of people and adapting proven methods of change such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing.  The result is a delightful, simple and immediate process of change that is so effective, if feels magical.

In 2002, Kim moved from Great Britain, where she had been teaching at universities, colleges and holistic centers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  Her move to Ojai, California was an intentional shift to bring her transforming work to the United States.

She founded Changes Happen in 2008, an organization designed to illuminate, awaken and inspire inner freedom, joy and peace for those who are ready to tap into their true potential and leave the limitations of past programming behind.

Her training and coaching programs are refreshing, simple, and yet profound in a powerful way.  These workshops teach individuals how to break through the dark outer crust of self-limitation, fear and past programming, thereby connecting individuals to their true power and limitless potential.

Kim is CEO and Co-Founder of Healing in America, a nonprofit organization, running accredited Energy Healing Programs throughout America and she has appeared on UK and US television.  She is a regular speaker at exhibitions and conscious life expos and has a large private practice. British Media have applauded her work and Marie Claire Magazine recommended her Guided Meditation & Healing CD entitled “A Journey Within” which is among the best-selling CDs of its type.  Her second CD “Take a Deep Breath Now” is designed to help eliminate stress. Her first book is in progress.

Any encounter with Kim, through her workshops, media or private sessions, results in a predictably infectious sense of joy and possibility.