Why Healing In America?

What Makes Healing in America Different?

Our core beliefs drive our desire to raise awareness and to integrate professional holistic energy healing services into the mainstream medical community. We do this as a complimentary service not as an alternative method as clients and patients should not have to choose between an allopathic approach OR complementary – both work together for the good of the client. Our certified training program teaches students an energy healing technique originally developed in the 1950’s in England and now accepted by the National Health Service. This simple yet powerful technique taught by our founders at Healing in America is widely accepted in medical communities throughout the world. Today energy healers are employed in some hospitals in England and many oncology departments in the U.S. take advantage of our services.

Through our strict code of conduct and consistent teaching methods, workshops attendees receive the same training and certification process to ensure recipients of our holistic energy healing have the same experience whether in California, Florida, Michigan etc.

Students attending workshops have two mentors during their training period ensuring they have ongoing support and become a part of our healing community.