Distant Healing

Distant Healing is a way of helping people who cannot be physically present for an energy healing session.

This can be preceded by the practitioner speaking on the telephone to the client ascertaining what the issue is (although this is not vital), how long the problem has been in existence and what medication the client is taking.

This is useful background information and helps to create an energetic link between healer and client.

This is not essential but can be useful.

The healer will then offer a relaxation/guided meditation to help the recipient relax and then the healer will spend time sending distant healing.

For maximum benefit, the client should be in a quiet space where they can relax and close their eyes.

Often the healer will offer to repeat the actual distant healing at an agreed time each week for 3 weeks. Although it is not necessary for a physical conversation to take place, a repeat of the process strengthens the healing.

Cost of this will vary depending on the healer and should be agreed beforehand