What is Energy Healing

Understandably many people do not understand when I say I am an “Energy Healer” so perhaps we need to explain it in a different way.

Energy Healing is the natural and therapeutic approach of restoring balance, harmony and health to the mind, body and spirit of the recipient. It is non-invasive and helps to promote self - healing and self – empowerment.

When we become ill it’s because on an energetic level, our bodies are out of balance.

This can be due to a number of causes – anxiety, stress, fear etc. as well as eating badly, not enough sleep and so on.

When we are not in balance our immune system becomes depleted and we increase the chance of becoming ill.

Healing Practitioners – whether we call it Spiritual Healing, Healing Touch, Reiki, Quantum Healing, The Connection or many other names - help look behind the issue and help the client understand the cause.

There is always a metaphysical cause and often our bodies will give us clues that all is not well before an illness manifests itself.

You don’t just get a heart attack or cancer – the body has been relaying messages to you for quite a while telling you that something has to change – but more often than not we justify or ignore these warnings until the body says “O.K. then try this!!” At that stage we are forced to look at our lives and make changes that are in alignment with our purpose.