What is the difference between a Healing and a Cure?

If we have – say an ulcer – and we go to the doctor who then proceeds to cut it out – can he really say you are now cured?

I don’t think so.

I think a good doctor will take time to discover what has caused you to have an ulcer in the first place.

Obviously, this takes time – which few medical doctors have – but a Holistic Practitioner will make the time to help the client look at what the client thinks may have caused the issue.

On a deep level most of use have an inner knowledge of what possibly caused the problem – when did it start, what was going on in our lives shortly before the symptom manifested itself etc.

Are we experiencing stress, anxiety, out of control diet, fear etc. – all of which can contribute to being out of balance,

If we have that understanding and are prepared to make changes, then the issue will go away and a healing has truly happened.

“Whatever the body creates – it can also take it away”
Katheryn Jones