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Systemic Constellations for Health & Wellbeing with Dr Hans Gruenn

Participating in a Systemic Constellation is a profound experience that allows us to confront our most difficult issues and move into a more fulfilled and healthy future. As Systemic Constellations show, any problem we’re unable to solve, be it relationship, work or health related, is embedded in a larger, sometimes trans-generational context that reaches beyond our personal biography. When we change our perspective and look at our challenges from a multi-generational view, we experience our common humanity in a truly mind and heart-opening way. As we bring to light the struggles of previous generations, we embrace the richness of our heritage and activate resources that facilitate change. Healing the past empowers us to embrace who we truly are and supports our physical and emotional health at the deepest level.

Constellations offer life-affirming solutions for relationships, health and work. They are done in a group where participants stand in for family members. No prior experience is necessary.


Hans Gruenn M.D. is a leading expert in Integrative Medicine and utilizes family constellations for twenty years.

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