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Certified Holistic Energy Healing - Module 3 - Graduation

Our program, The Holistic Energy Healing Certification, is an in-depth immersion into the world of complimentary healing practices. Our one year training program will deepen your understanding of the differences between healing practices. Graduation is the third module in the certification program and is open to all participants who have completed Module 1 & 2, and wish to continue exploring.  In this weekend course the focus is centered on building up your techniques and incorporating other areas such healing into death and dying, karma and reincarnation,communication skills, colour, sound, creative health and the nature of disease and patterns in life etc.

Growth in Healing will also open the door into your own journey of personal growth through empowermentalignment with your authentic being, and harmonizing your presence in the world.  This means you will be given more tools for your own everyday practice where ever you are. 

Our approach is practical. Our intention is to give you the tools to promote your own self-healing and bring about your own sense of well being and peace. Energy Healing is the act of restoring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit and it is a therapeutic approach which is natural, non-evasive and holistic.

Graduation - Module 3
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